Me Time

Today can just go fuck itself

We need a pc gaming handheld device


Dear PC & PC gaming companys,
when df will you create a handheld to play PC games on on the go? Alienware, it’s your time to shine.

Isn’t the Nvidia Shield supposed to be that portable pc gaming system?

Feeling Down

I really don’t post on here, unless I’m feeling down, and even then I don’t post that much.

I’ve been feeling down lately, I had a converstation with Lindsey a couple weeks back, and she asked me if I could do anything what would I do. I said web, since thats what I’m going to school for.

Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about the past few years, and what I’ve done and my overall additude about it all. I feel like I’ve wasted so much time, I screwed around and didn’t take alot of stuff seriously.

I started thinking about when I was in Computer Programming, and yeah programming and how I could have passed, I never tried hard at it. Plus I never took it seriously.

I remember having a networking class, where we learned about setting up networks and the different types. Plus we also had to learn how to make our own ethernet cables, which I thought was pretty cool. I found the last half of the class really confusing, but never really asked for any help.

I also pretty much failed that semester because I was late to my exams.

Second semester there were two classes I really found interesting. The first was Web development, which was fun, learned basic HTML tags and CSS. The second was a class where we learned how to repair computers, and learned all about what is inside the computer.

After that, I switched over to Web Design and Devwlopment, where I started to learn html and css, plus the design aspects of web. But due to some family problems, I had to drop out and take it again the following year.

Which leads me to now. They switched the program around so now it is more design heavy. Plus I just don’t feel motivated at all about it.

For the past three years I wish I just stuck with the programming course but switched to the technician/networking side of the program. I realised that didn’t want to work using computers, I want to work on computers. Fix them, set up networks and stuff.

But this is it for me. I’m stuck with web. I really can’t waste anymore time with school.


Hahaha the Zerg Fatality… Awesome

This is so awesome

Goodbuy Ponds

I actually can’t believe that happened. I’m pretty sure that was the first time I that a show has brought tears to my eyes. Rory and Amy will and always be my favorite companions.

Best Homework Ever

So today for my social media class the teacher said we have to create a blog site. Thank you Tumblr for puttin me ahead of the game.

Just got it today, can’t wait to start playing.

Just got it today, can’t wait to start playing.

The Last Story

So I just picked up The Lat Story. I started to play it on my old shitty television and can’t read the tutorials, so the Wii is coming back in my room so i can play it on my HD 40 inch television.

From what I played so far, its pretty sweet though

I wish Nintendo would put the old pokemon games on the e-shop.

I just cant wait for this day to be over